Save Money – Help your Sparky!

As electricians we love to install, fix & test all electrics, that’s what you our customers pay us to do and it’s what we do best. Unfortunately, as helpful as we are, we’re not the most cost effective removal, decorating or groundworking trades, so below is a helpful guide to ensure you get the best value-for-money from your electrician.

Make it easy for your Electrician to access the area requiring attention

Safely move & store away any furniture or items which are in the area where your electrician will need to work. Electricians are expensive removers – they are much better at fixing & installing electrical items. It’s also a good idea to ensure good access to your fuse box / consumer unit, so please ensure the downstairs cupboard or wherever your fuse box / consumer unit lives is clear & accessible.

Turn your electrical items off

During installation the electrical circuit / fuse box / consumer unit / distribution board may be turned off in accordance to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 & The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.
Ensure your computer, washing machine and dishwasher are switched off – save time & money by not keeping your electrician waiting for electrical items to be switched off or finish their washing cycle before work can begin.

Outdoor cabling

If outdoor cabling is being installed – ask if you can dig your own trench – confirm with your electrician the route and depth of the trench beforehand. Once agreed and the trench is dug, your electrician will then return to lay the cable safely & correctly.

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