Induction Lighting – Swimming Pool

Wiltshire County Council were searching for an energy efficient lighting upgrade for their pool lighting.

Existing light levels were poor and energy consumption high. With a maintenance policy of replacing complete lighting fixtures upon a failure costs have been mounting as units age.

Buckland Energy conducted a survey consisting of lighting analysis and a CAD drawing of the pool using our advanced mobile CAD software. From this our lighting design team produced a solution to reduce power usage by 54%; reducing carbon emissions by 10 tons per year – the equivalent of a family sized car covering 25,000 miles.
Marlborough Pool

Induction Lighting at Marlborough Swimming Pool

New energy efficient induction lighting installed at Marlborough Swimming Pool

The Buckland design consisted of 16 x 200W induction flood lights. Energy efficient and long life IP65 rated units. They provide a substantial upgrade over the existing lighting and will pay for themselves in a little over 3 years – well within the 5 year warranty period provided. Not only this but the design showed an increase in light levels of between 50% and 100%, combined with a clean white light the improvement in the lit environment will be very noticeable.

With a 100,000 hour lamp life maintenance will be reduced dramatically – they should last for 15 years based on the pools current operating hours.

Buckland engaged local specialist electrical contractor CTS Electrical Services from Swindon to oversee the electrical installation of the project. CTS Electrical Services installed & commissioned the new lighting system with Buckland Energy in a 2 phase approach overnight ensuring no operational downtime and no loss of service or income to the Leisure Centre.

Buckland Energy Projects Ltd

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