Why inspect prior to a consumer unit change?

Quite often electricians are criticised by consumers about the need to inspect an electrical installation before any major changes take place, such as a fuse box / consumer unit upgrade.

Clients & potential clients are often put-off by the additional cost of an electrical inspection because “they have a friend who knows a thing or two about electrics and can change a fuse box” or other electricians fail to appreciate the importance of electrical safety. However, missing out the inspection often leads to huge, unexpected & unbudgeted remedial repair bills once an upgrade takes place.

Simply compare an electrical inspection prior to major works to the following:

When you buy a new pair of shoes or running trainers you have your feet measured and you try the shoes or trainers on before you buy – to ensure they are fit for purpose and comfortable.

When you buy a property, you (or your mortgage / finance provider) insist on a survey to ensure everything is sound and there are no nasty and expensive surprises!

When you buy a used car you want to know its history and condition before your drive it off the forecourt – which is why you’ll at least test drive it and often have an independent inspection / manufacturers inspection before finally purchasing.

Think of an electrical inspection as a similar audit – before implementing any major changes to your electrical system a qualified electrician will need to know the exact condition of your installation before work takes place.

In an electrical inspection each circuit will be documented & tested to ensure it meets the necessary electrical requirements.

Your electrics may look good on the outside, but cables, switches, socket-outlets and other equipment deteriorate with prolonged use, so they all need to be checked and necessary replacements or repairs made in good time.

Electrical inspections will highlight any problems with:

  • Earthing
  • Bonding
  • Functional
  • Overloading
  • Damage to cables
  • Open ring circuits
  • Undersized conductors
  • Cross connected circuits (dual feed)
  • Any dangerous and non regulatory defects or installation work

A detailed Electrical Inspection Report will provide you with:

  • Circuit identification and documentation
  • Fixed electrical wiring inspection and testing
  • Consumer Unit, Circuit Breaker and RCD inspection and testing
  • Protection for safety and earthing arrangements
  • Functional testing and safe operation of accessories
  • Test report with observations and recommendations

Once inspected, a comprehensive report is produced, this gives both the owner a detailed description of their installation, & electrical installer a vital tool to design, plan & install a new consumer unit plus any additional remedial works to upgrade the installation to the latest wiring regulations.

The report ensures estimates are highly accurate (as any potential problems are known) and there are no hidden surprises at time of installation.

Remember a fuse box / consumer unit change is a major upgrade and requires expert installation & testing skills only a good certified electrican should perform. When an electrician (or anyone else for that matter) touches an electrical installation – they are responsible for both it and your electrical safety.

Appointing a good qualified electrician in Swindon costs less than you think – if you are considering improving your electrical safety or wish to discuss any upgrades or modifications, feel free to contact us for good friendly honest advice.

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