Commercial & Industrial

Your commercial & industrial electrical installations & modifcations are in our safe hands, our knowledgeable, professional, & certified electrical engineers have vast experience in all types of electrical installations & modifications, from an additional outlet or lighting to a fully project managed office or workshop power system.

Our Commercial & Industrial electrical installation & modifications include:

  • Wiring
  • Extentions
  • Maintenance
  • Appliance testing
  • Isolation switches
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Inspection & testing
  • Sub-distribution systems
  • Outdoor power & lighting
  • Additional sockets or lights
  • Distribution Unit (fuse box) changes
  • 3-Phase (400V) installations & testing
  • Accessory & power / lighting outlet changes

If your Commercial or Industrial electrical installation requires attention – why not consider a maintenance contract with us – this will include routine inspection & testing as well as ensuring your electrics are safe and meet current electrical regulations. Routine maintenance & inspection reduces your insurance premiums and ensures you meet your Health & Safety responsibilities as an employer.

We understand the importance of power to industry, this is why a temporary electrical supply can be installed as standard on all our commercial & industrial projects where properties may be subjected to loss of permanent supply for extended periods of time (such as to upgrade & install new Distribution Units) to ensure power to vital equipment such as alarms, heating & business mission-critical equipment & systems.

All our electricians are fully certified for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial installations and are available on-call 24/7 ready to assist with all your electricity needs.


Infra-Red Thermography – IRT

“Thermal Surveying is an unbeatable method for detecting electrical faults and problems before they cause full breakdown of the installation”

Electrical Thermography is the most widely performed application of IRT (Infra-Red Thermography). It is used virtually around the world to evaluate the condition of electrical systems and equipment. When an electrical system is energized, current passes through the entire system, a by-product of this current flow is heat. We can see that heat with an infrared camera. When there is a defect in the system, more heat is generated because of high resistance, and the camera will see the difference between the normal components and the one with a problem.

A thermographic survey involves taking thermal images of electrical equipment including distribution fuse boards, contactors, switch boards, transformers, motors, battery banks, UPS’s, control panels, in fact in reality anything electrical can be included in the survey.

With the thermal images obtained from a survey it is possible to identify such faults as loose connections and over loaded circuits, transformer cooling faults, motor winding faults and induced currents.

All this is carried out whilst the equipment is in operation, causing no disruption to business operations and without putting any one in danger of ‘Live’ working.

IRT (Infra-Red Thermography) is a non-contact, low risk survey. In simple terms it is a very highly effective visual inspection using thermal technology which is completed with minimal risk and exposure to live electricity.

The benefits of thermal surveying electrical installations when carried out at regular frequencies very often will out way the cost of having such a survey completed and hiring a professional to do this on your behalf. How much would the cost be to your business or operations should your next failure be at your income or perhaps on business dependable equipment? Most need to consider not just the cost associated with the inability to operate but also the knock on in loss of custom, reputation for reliability and also the cost associated with getting back online by completing repairs, replacing equipment and the duration it takes to do this. A thermographer can prove value for money the moment the first advisory issue is found. Thermal surveying is an unbeatable method for detecting electrical faults and problems before they cause full breakdown of the installation, very often these breakdowns will leave part of the installation beyond repair which is costly for the owner or maintenance management organisation, It is non intrusive, can be carried out during normal operations without the need to shut down or isolate any part of the installation, reduce insurance premiums and also reduce risk management contingency budgets.

Contact us today to make an enquiry into how CTS Electrical can help ensure your electrical installation is maintained at its best and reduce the risk of unexpected service failures

CTS Electrical only use state of the art FLIR technology, you can therefore rest assured your installation is surveyed by nothing less than market leading equipment specifically designed for electrical surveying.


Temporary Electrical Supplies

If you are looking for a temporary electrical installation then look no further, we are able to offer safe temporary electrical supplies to meet your demands. These are particularly useful for:

  • Marquees
  • Festivals
  • Refurbishments
  • Temporary Buildings
  • Construction Industry

Each electrical installation is fully certified in accordance to IEE BS7671:2008 electrical regulations and fully tested – please note that all temporary installations will be periodically inspected at least every 3 months as part of the installation.