Buying your own sockets

Will I save money by supplying my own sockets, switches & cable?

No, electricians have wholesale accounts with discount levels far greater than the public due to the volumes we buy in – it’s a simple scale of economy.  Even with adding a little margin to the materials (to cover administration, fuel and to keep the company from going bankrupt) the cost of a switch or socket will still be less than what you can purchase at most DIY chains.

What about if I go to the wholesales direct?

Wholesales are not retail shops – they are purpose designed to serve the trade industry.  General public will not be given an account, some may offer a cash sale – but the discounts will not be the same as those who are truly in the trade.  Also remember that the employees of wholesalers are not electricians and will offer you any advice when it comes to DIY wiring – they will refuse so please save the embarrassment by not asking them!

But I’ve seen a socket for 99p in my local DIY / discount store – is this any good?

No, it may be of British Standards specification, but experience has shown that cheap fittings will break, fracture & fail long before a good quality fitting – always go on the advice of your electrician and use the brands they love & trust.

What about fancy light fittings?

By all means liaise with your electrician over fancy & decorative light fittings – most will recommend you buy this yourself and will fit them for you – they will inform you if the fitting is not suitable.  Please remember that the fitting of fancy light fittings will take slightly longer than usual – so expect a bigger bill from your electrician for fitting these.

What about bathroom fittings – a simple batten holder is fine right?

No, building regulations state that all bathroom light fittings must be IP rated & enclosed – your electrician will be happy to provide a suitable fitting – this includes IP rated downlights designed especially for Bathrooms.

I’m glad you mentioned downlights – I can get these cheap – are they OK?

No, again trust the guidance of your electrician.  All downlights installed in domestic properties must be fire-rated – these cheap ones you’ve found will more than likely be not.  Your electrician will look at the environment and suggest the best lighting – you may wish to consider LED downlights – they are now dimmable and very energy efficient.

I’ve seen a fuse box in a DIY chain for £50 – should I buy it?

Absolutely not!  To start with a fuse box installation or upgrade should only be undertaken by a skilled electrician (Part-P for domestic) as tests and other upgrades will need to be assessed.  Your electrician will have a specific brand(s) of fuse-box / consumer unit they favour – simply because they are used to installing them, they are of good quality and parts are readily available from leading manufactures that won’t go out of business anytime soon!

Appointing a good qualified Electrician in Swindon to carry out your electrical works costs less than you think – if you are considering any electrical upgrades or modifications from lighting to fuse boxes, feel free to contact us for good friendly honest advice.

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