Having a Baby?

Congratulations! We love babies and with the birth of our first son we wanted to share our hints & tips to ensure your home is as comfortable & safe ready for your new arrival.


Newborn babies don’t like bright harsh lighting as their eyes haven’t fully developed. You will find in bright lights their eyes will remain closed or they will squint.

  • Drop the wattage of the lamp
  • Consider energy saving low wattage lamps
  • Fitting dimmer switches or dimable lamps around the home could be beneficial
  • Using table lamps or alternative low-level lighting could be of equal benefit

If you are considering a dimmer switch, ensure the lamps & fittings are compatible and the rating of the dimmer switch is sufficient for the load. If you are in any doubt, a good qualified electrican will be able to supply & fit the correct switch for you.


There are never enough sockets, and with baby monitors, lamps, chargers, pumps and power supplies to various other baby related items you may soon run out. It’s important to remember the one plug per socket rule – safety first & don’t overload sockets. If you don’t have enough sockets then consider appointing a qualified electrican to install a couple more for you.


Babies are sensitive to temperature, they have just spent 9 months in a warm & cosy mum and like a nice comfortable warm environment of 16-20 degrees, 18 degrees is just right.

Ensure you have a good working heating system & controls. If you do have any ‘cold spots’ then their are a variety of heating solutions available from wireless thermostats to small electric heaters to give comfort to an area.

Safety Check

Having your home electrically inspected before the arrival of your little bundle of joy is an excellent idea. The load and demand on your system will increase with your washing machine, dishwasher, tumble drier, bottle warmer & kettle constantly working overtime. An electrical inspection will ensure your home is electrically safe ahead of their arrival. View more about how an electrical inspection will benefit your home HERE on our Electrical Inspection in Swindon page.

Safety Guide

More great free advice, hints & tips are avaliable by downloading our FREE safety electrical booklet – why not download it HERE

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