Alarm Spurs

Our recent electrical inspections have highlighted a growing number of Intruder Alarm systems which have been inappropriately wired to the home or office fixed wiring systems.

We have found a growing number of alarm system control panels which rely on 230V mains power have been wired straight into nearby lighting circuits and power circuits without adequate isolation or circuit protection.

Wiring power to alarms and any electrical item without adequate isolation or protection is outside the requirements of the electrical regulations both former and current.

Alarm power supplies ideally should be wired as follows:

  • Dedicated supply direct from consumer unit
  • Not susceptible to nuisance tripping or interference

All alarm power supplies must be isolated & protected properly, no matter if fed direct from the consumer unit or via a spur off another circuit and provide:

  • Double Pole isolation via key switch (prevents accidental switching-off)
  • Fused appropriately

Intruder Alarm Double Pole Fused Keyswitch

Intruder Alarm Double Pole Fused Keyswitch

When installing any form of intruder alarm or new addition that requires a power source, contact a registered electrician to install the power professionally.

Appointing a good qualified Electrician in Swindon costs less than you think – if you are considering any electrical upgrades or modifications, feel free to contact us for good friendly honest advice.


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